Online session: Meaningful development in times of crisis

What is it like to work from home? Are you managing, but perhaps wondering if you still find it useful to join the umpteenth online meeting? 

Or do you feel overwhelmed and anxious, which makes taking any step more difficult.

Now that fixed frameworks are disappearing, there is also room to think about how things can be done differently: how do you think about your family ties, work / income, about travel, health, a meaningful life? What is really important to you?

Thinking about your core values ​​is a great way to work on what matters to you now. To get closer to yourself when you may experience fear and uncertainty about the outside world. Your core values ​​are values ​​that are so convincing to yourself that they shape your view of the world. They determine how you assess people and situations. Everyone has them, but being aware of them makes it easier to steer your decisions. They form a guide to your intuition. This gives you a sense of control and helps you to do something that feels useful to you, with fresh energy.

Within 1 online session I can already guide you in defining your core values, ​​and give you have an idea about the first steps you can take to move towards living these values. The session includes a set of cards that I send you in advance.


"Pretty soon my feeling of ‘how do I get out of this’ was converted into ‘I'm going to do this!’"

- male, 37 years old

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