Duration of 1 session: 1 hour 

  • free introduction/intake of 20 minutes
  • € 89,- per session with a year package (12 sessions)
  • € 99,- per session with a coach program, minimum 7 sessions  
  • € 109,- for a single session

All prices incl. VAT / btw tax for individuals, excl. VAT / btw for companies.

The prices include my travel time and travel expenses and time for preparation and admin. The prices exclude the rental of a space if you prefer a location other than the practice in Overveen. 


Practice in Overveen (near Haarlem)

Kickan | coaching
Ernst Casimirlaan 70, Overveen

Upon request, I coach as well in Amsterdam city centre at: 
Bluebirds, ZENtrum voor body & mind
Prinsengracht 493 , Amsterdam

Outdoor coaching

Isn’t it great to just meet up outside, after a busy work week? We can take our coaching sessions outside, during  a walk through the Dutch dunes or at the beach.


Online coaching

I have had great experiences with online coaching, especially when combined with face-to-face coaching.

Wandelcoaching in de duinen bij Haarlem
Praktijk op Prinsengracht bij Bluebirds

"Pretty soon my feeling of 'how can I work this out?' was converted into: 'I can do this!'"

- man, 37 years old

Would you like to know what coaching could mean for you?
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