Duration of 1 session: 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • free introduction/intake of 45 minutes
  • € 89,- per session with a year package (12 sessions)
  • € 99,- per session with a coach program, minimum 7 sessions  
  • € 109,- for a single session

All prices incl. VAT / btw tax for individuals, excl. VAT / btw for companies. The costs include my travel time and travel expenses, rental of the space, and time for preparation and admin.


Practice in Amsterdam and Overveen (near Haarlem)

Ik coach in Amsterdam city centre and also near Haarlem (in Overveen). 

Bluebirds, ZENtrum voor body & mind
Prinsengracht 493 , Amsterdam

Kickan | coaching
Ernst Casimirlaan 70, Overveen

Outdoor coaching

Isn’t it great to just meet up outside, after a busy work week? We can take our coaching sessions outside, during  a walk through the Dutch dunes or at the beach.


Online coaching

 I have had great experiences with online coaching, especially when combined with face-to-face coaching.

Wandelcoaching in de duinen bij Haarlem
Praktijk op Prinsengracht bij Bluebirds

"Pretty soon my feeling of 'how can I work this out?' was converted into: 'I can do this!'"

- man, 37 years old

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