Mental Monthly

Do you like to take care of yourself and do you value your mental health?

Just like your body, your head needs attention and care to be fit and powerful too. The better your mental condition, the more your life will flow. You have energy, can take blows smoothly and know how to use your talents.

In this program you focus on strengthening and maintaining your mental health. For more self-knowledge and tools for self-care, with personal check-ups to monitor your development.

The program consists of two phases:

  1. In the first three sessions you will work on strengthening your self-knowledge and self-love. You determine what needs extra attention in your life and work on this yourself with the help of assignments.
  2. Afterwards you will have your monthly check-up in which we focus on your mental health at that time and determine where you can develop yourself more.

Program: 1 free intake + 6 or 10 sessions of 1 hour and 15 min.
Price: €  84,- per session with a 10-sessions package, € 99,- per session with a 6-sessions package.

Do you need some extra motivation? You can also register for this program with a friend. The sessions in the first phase are for you alone, but you can do the assignments and the check-ups together.

"The coaching programme was truly an eye opener. The self-knowledge I gained offers me opportunities and possibilities to keep growing."
-  woman, 31 jaar

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